REVIEW - Whoa, Unbreakable Still Holds Up Really Well

Superhero movies from the early 2000s don't really hold up all that well. My opinion of course. Relax! It's nothing personal.

For some reason, I find that people get more upset than they should when you say superhero movies aren't that great. Even if said person (me) has multiple superheroes tattooed on them! I'm a fan!
And really, let's be honest here, the genre has been filled with more misses than hits, though the pendulum is starting to swing rapidly toward the opposite (get it together, DC). That's how film genres work though. They start clunky, and grow and improve over time.
All that said, last night I fired up my two-disk special edition Unbreakable DVD into the 'ol Xbox. Two things first:
1. Do we fire up DVDs? 2. Really? No Blu-ray?
You can make an argument that Unbreakable was the first film to take a serious look at a superhero story while much of the genre as we know it today was still in its relative infancy. Maybe the movie going audience wasn'…

REVIEW - High Priest of California by Charles Willeford

This one is tricky. 
The main character, Russell Haxby, is just a piece of shit. 
He's not really a criminal, but he's definitely a conman of the highest order. And it's not like there's even some greater purpose to his cons, he just does them. 
There's no long-term endgame in sight for him. If he can take advantage of someone, Russell Haxby is going to do it. And of course he's a used car salesman. 
Without spoiling the story, the target of his main con here is Alyce, a young woman with some baggage that needs to be dealt with before Russell can properly, ahem, date her. And yes, that means exactly what you think it means. 
That's it. No big heist. No big rip off. No big cover up. Just a wolf on the prowl with a sheep in his cross hairs. 
 The writing here is compelling in its simplicity. Willeford drives through the plot here with no sentimentality or fluff. This happens, then this happens, so this happens, so Russell does this, so something else happens. The s…

Review: Texas by The Tail by Jim Thompson

Texas by The Tail seems to get a mixed reaction from Thompson fans. It's good. It's not S-Tier Thompson, but it's not the hot mess that some folks may try to convince you it is. It's a solid mid-to-high range output. Closer to mid. More like a gate-keeper for the upper echelon.

Unfortunately, Texas by the Tail suffers from following The Grifters (a bedrock of the S-Tier), and unnecessarily draws comparisons to it. On the surface there's a lot of overlap. Stories about con men with troubled relationships with women, including the older women who serve as fill ins for the protagonist's unusual relationship with a floozy mother.

Short of the surface-level thematic overlap, Texas by the Tail stands on its own. Fans of the super dark worlds Thompson creates may be disappointed here, but there are moments of Thompson's trademark viciousness -- in particular a scene where two effete hoods go to shakedown a lady. Rough stuff that is among the most violent scenes you&…

My Book, Dog Duty, Is Free... For A Few Days At Least

What am I? Crazy? Giving away one of my babies like that?

The rumors are true. Dog Duty, my first novel, is free from today (that's 6.13.17) through this Saturday (6.17.17) on Amazon.

You can, and SHOULD, get it by clicking here.

What's the book about? Great question.

A Canine Noir revenge story! 
When a late-night foot pursuit through dark back alleys goes terribly wrong in the jaws of an ex-military Rottweiler, Fritz, Grand City PD's top German Shepherd is driven into retirement to a place far worse than the crime-infested streets he patrolled: the suburbs! 

 Surrounded by suburbanite hounds and derelict mutts of all shapes and breeds, Fritz narrates his quest for revenge and redemption that takes him into the fringes of the seedy canine underworld of cat-races, underground clubs, back alleys, and dog parks.

Sounds cool, right? 

Just wait until you see the cover:

They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but I think you can make an exception here.

Okay, that's enough …

Short Story Publication in Pulp Metal Magazine - A Mister and his Destiny

My short story, A Mister and his Destiny, was published by the fine folks at Pulp Metal Magazine

The story is gripping literary tale of late 20th century turmoil that spans across generations of one family set against.... 

Who am I kidding here?! It's a kick-ass vigilante crime story that I'm really excited for.

You can check it out HERE.

Another 2016 Election Post -- AKA Oh God Please Let it Stop

My one (hopefully) post on all this political BS.

Look, let's be honest, Bernie would be a one-term, ineffective President. And the course correct from the right following a one-term, so-called "socialist" presidency would be frightening. Carter led to Reagan (who got mini assist from 'ol Teddy Kennedy, but anyway, I'm trying to be fair here). Who or what would Sanders lead to? Probably the evil robot from Robocop.

And look, I like the guy. He earned my vote. I think his heart is in the right place and I think he's as honest as you can get from someone who wins elections for a living. But do I think that expecting some sort of liberal revolution to be followed by lefty paradise to come from a guy who went to, and has stayed in, congress a year before Nirvana's Nevermind came out? If I may speak Internet for a second here: GTFO.

My prediction -- Here's what history will show the lasting legacy of the Sanders campaign to be: he's changed the face of th…

Poem - An Afternoon Metal Medley in Purgatory

An Afternoon Metal Medley in Purgatory – 7.20.16
I’m never more thankful for owning a complete catalog of Slayer’s full discography as I am when the neighbors have their friends and their offspring over for a pool party.
I don’t have many hard rules in life but if I’m going to hear shrieks to the heavens someone better be banging the hell out of a high hat.