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The Official Scorecard - UFC Fight Night 24

Humor - Top Presidential Vices of All-Time

As appeared in Skinnie Magazine, SEPT 2007
So, in this little bit of expose journalism, I’m outing the top ten US Presidential addictions of all-time. For the record, George Washington was a big time booze hound (and poon hound, if my records are correct) but he gets a pass. Also, Lincoln was known to cross dress, but he too, gets a pass. Seriously, they earned it.
5.) Thomas Jefferson – Weed TJ should probably should get a pass too, but someone has to represent the founding fathers on the list. This guy had life figured out. He knew that we were all one humanity, despite our political differences. He was cool as far as inter-racial dating went, was more spiritual than religious, i.e. knew there was a greater power, but couldn’t define it. Definite pothead. For sure. Plus, he hung with Ben Franklin. Where do you think the phrase “high as a kite came from?”
7.) Andrew Jackson – Painkillers Look, Old Hickory was the toughest son of a bitch that’s ever been President (yes, that includes C…

Official Scorecard - UFC 128 Shogun vs. Jones

Mobster Alley

Mobster Alley is a story from my collection "The Exciting Life and Death of The Amazing Henry and Other Stories."

This was the very first Morelli brother story I ever wrote and is one of my personal favorites. The story is sort of a tip of the hat to one of the most important plays of the 20th Century.

Mobster Alley

Fiction - The Worst Story Ever

Here's a humorous story of mine. Enjoy.

The Worst Story Ever

The Official Scorecard - PRIDE Final Conflict 2005

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With the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship on the line this weekend as Mauricio “Shogun” Rua defends his crown against Jon “Bones” Jones at UFC 128, I thought it would be appropriate use for the column space here to go back to an event several years in the past to remember a time when it was Rua who was played the role that Jones has now been cast in: the young prospect on a phoenix-like ascension to the top of the sport.
The event in question is PRIDE Final Conflict 2005, the night which played host to the semi-finals and final round match ups of the 2005 PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix. And there was one other major fight on the card, oh what was it now . . . oh yeah, the most anticipated heavyweight championship fight of the era.
The judge has made his decision, so let’s go to the scorecard!
Middleweight Tournament Final Mauricio Rua (11-1) vs. Ricardo Arona (12-2) The 2005 Middleweight Grand Prix Final match would prove to be a passing of the to…