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How I Got Here Part One

I can think of a two moments in my life which were true forks in the road where my life went decidedly in a brand new direction. They weren't planned or anticipated; they happened and it was only in hindsight when I saw that I'd went in a brand new direction. 
This is the story of the first and arguably the most important of those two days.
Let me take you back to my sophomore year of high school in Spring 1994. I had chosen to stretch my artistic muscles in a brand new performing arts academy instead of using my actual muscles on the football field, baseball diamond, and so on. By the start of that spring semester, I was ready to put my artistic pursuits on hold and try to make it as one of the cool kids because, you know, that kind of nonsense mattered back then. That meant this acting experiment was over and I was going to join the football team in the coming summer. 
At the time, I was enrolled in Acting Styles, which was a fancy way to say Class for the Beginners. My te…

Video of the day 9/22/11

Just awesome.

Book recommendations for me

I'm a big fan of and especially like their new recommendations feature.

Something tells me there might be a few kinks still to be worked out.

Check out some of the biographies recommended to me:

One of these things is not like the others....

No more Star Wars No's

One line does not make a movie. One line does not make a book. I would venture that a great book or film with a great line would've been great with or without the line.
But man, a bad line can sure screw things up. What a fine line to walk, huh?
Case in point: Another helping of Darth Vader lamenting "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" This time from the Blu-Ray release of Return of the Jedi.

There's no reason to add a cornball line of dialogue into a film that's been wildly successful since its release in 1983. 
Has there been some ambiguity about the emotional content of that scene for all these years? Furious debate about what Vader really meant by tossing the Emperor over the side?
Was it not clear that Darth Vader had issues with what the Emperor was doing to his son? I mean, he did murder him, so I'd venture a guess that 'ol Darth wasn't digging it.
There comes a point when a script is done. There comes a point when your work is as perfect as it's going to…

A couple of thoughts from this morning

1. When a job posting says that they're looking for a "Rock Star" whatever, do they really want someone who keeps irregular hours, associates with dubious cohorts, suffers from some sort of mania, has an issue with dependency, and is generally unreliable?
2. When I read an author bio (surely penned by the author) that says that he's a mix of Bill Hicks, Bukowski, Henry Miller, and Eddie Izzard, I can't help but think that's also the recipe for world-class literary shit stew.

Worming Across the Carnation Plaza Gardens

Some background on the following anecdote: Like many youths in the Orange County of the mid 90s, my friends and I had annual passes to Disneyland. For $200 bucks a year you could get in the park everyday which gave you a reason to never not have anything to do on a weekend. 
Eventually, we found ways to amuse ourselves that rarely had to do with going on rides. We'd watch Great Moments with Lincoln (before they butchered it), sit in the front row for Captain EO, and try to sneak into the background of pictures taken in front of the castle.
I came across this article yesterday about Disneyland closing down the Carnation Plaza Gardens to make way for area for the princesses to greet guests. This is hardly a change in the park that sparks a flare of righteous indignation in me like, say, the alterations to Pirates of the Caribbean did.
However, the Plaza Gardens is the setting for one of my favorite memories as a listless youth hanging out at Disneyland with nothing better to do. 

Late to Bukowski

I didn't crack up my first anything by Charles Bukowski until January of this year. At thirty-two. Of course, I knew who he was and was as familiar with his work as I could be without having read any of it. I saw the film version of Factotum in the theater and loved it. I don't watch many films over and over again, but Factotum is one that I do. 
I tried not to be embarrassed when I bought Post Office. I could feel the clerk, a person who I imagined tore through Bukowski with an unmatched literary fury by sixteen, look down on me through his glasses thinking was the simpleton I surely had to be. 
Had I been interested in being cool and impressing clerks with my sophisticated taste, I'd have scrounged through a used book store with a "lost in a move" excuse.
Upon reflection, I'm glad I didn't read Post Office or anything else by him until I ventured into my early thirties because at sixteen or whenever young writers/misfits read Bukowski, I wouldn't …