No more Star Wars No's

One line does not make a movie. One line does not make a book. I would venture that a great book or film with a great line would've been great with or without the line.

But man, a bad line can sure screw things up. What a fine line to walk, huh?

Case in point: Another helping of Darth Vader lamenting "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" This time from the Blu-Ray release of Return of the Jedi.


There's no reason to add a cornball line of dialogue into a film that's been wildly successful since its release in 1983. 

Has there been some ambiguity about the emotional content of that scene for all these years? Furious debate about what Vader really meant by tossing the Emperor over the side?

Was it not clear that Darth Vader had issues with what the Emperor was doing to his son? I mean, he did murder him, so I'd venture a guess that 'ol Darth wasn't digging it.

There comes a point when a script is done. There comes a point when your work is as perfect as it's going to be; as perfect as you can make it. A point where any tinkering is going to be for the worse. 

Nearly thirty years after a film's release is probably that time.


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