Official Scorecard - UFC 136 Edgar vs. Maynard III

Looking over my picks for UFC 136, I went 9-2. A good showing if I do say so. At UFC 136, we saw a conclusion to one of the more memorable trilogies in MMA history (though, don't be surprised if we don't have a welcomed fourth installment in the years to come) and another successful title defense from the featherweight champion.

The judge has made his decision and the scores are in. Let's go to the scorecard.

Main Event - UFC Lightweight Championship
Frankie Edgar (c) (13-1-1) vs. Gray Maynard (10-0-1)
How do you follow up one of the best fights of 2011? One way is to go about it is to mirror the actions of the earlier fight. Like in their bout at UFC 125, Maynard wasted little time in unloading a barrage on the champion throughout the first round. Maynard looked on the verge of wresting the title away from Edgar in a one-sided opening frame that was painfully similar to the start of their UFC 125 fight.

The similarities continued as Edgar once again rallied from what appeared to be certain defeat in the second and third rounds. Going into the fourth round, the fight was even, but Edgar made sure that the judges wouldn't get to have the final say. Was it as good as their previous fight? No, but it was real close.
Frankie Edgar wins via TKO - Round 4, 3:54
Fight Score: 9

Co-Main Event - UFC Featherweight Championship
Jose Aldo (c) (19-1) vs. Kenny Florian (14-5)
For the third time in as many tries, Florian fell short in his bid to claim UFC gold. He was able to close the distance and press Aldo against the fence and nullify much of the champion's offense, but ultimately it wasn't enough. Florian had his moments in the striking game, but never really seemed to hurt Aldo or have him in any real danger. The same could be said for Aldo here against Florian, but the champion did more damage overall and was the more effective fighter on this night.
Jose Aldo wins via Unanimous Decision
Fight Score: 7.5

Middleweight Fight
Chael Sonnen (25-11-1) vs. Brian Stann (11-3)
Ring rust? What ring rust? Sonnen, coming in after 14 months away from the cage, looked none the affected by his absence. In a dynamic performance, Sonnen was every bit the fighter he'd been saying he was, namely that he was the best middleweight on the planet. The end came with Sonnen's first submission win in over four and a half years. Sonnen's post fight interview where he called out of Anderson Silva, making a plea for a Super Bowl weekend rematch, will guarantee a million buys on pay per view.
Chael Sonnen wins via Submission (Arm Triangle) - Round 2, 3:51
Fight Score: 7.5

Featherweight Fight
Nam Phan (16-9) vs. Leonard Garcia (15-7-1)
Another three round with these two, another nonstop action-packed fight. The fight played out much like their first with Garcia winging bombs and missing on most and Phan getting the better of the exchanges with better timing, landing punches at a much higher frequency. 
Nam Phan wins via Unanimous Decision
Fight Score: 8

Lightweight Fight
Melvin Guillard (29-8-2, 1NC) vs. Joe Lauzon (20-6)
When Joe Lauzon made his UFC debut at UFC 63 against Jens Pulver, he given as much chance as most were giving him against Guillard, none. They were wrong at UFC 63 and they were wrong again at UFC 136. Just when it looked like Guillard had turned his career around, he reverted back to cocky fighter that frustrated fans wanting to see his full potential. Instead, Lauzon clipped him, dropped him, and choked him out in under a minute. 
Joe Lauzon wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - Round 1, 0:47
Fight Score: 7

Middleweight Fight
Demian Maia (14-3) vs. Jorge Santiago (23-9)
Demian Maia's standup had looked improved in his recent fights, but it wasn't on display here against Santiago. Instead, Maia took the fight the ground and controlled it there. Santiago didn't have an attack off his back. To no one's surprise Maia was dominant on the mat and secured a solid win for his record.
Demian Maia wins via Unanimous Decision
Fight Score: 5.5

Lightweight Fight
Jeremy Stephens (20-6) vs. Anthony Pettis (13-2)
Anthony Pettis has one of the most impressive highlight moves in the history of MMA with his flying head kick off the cage against Ben Henderson. It's a move that will follow him for his entire career. Against Jeremy Stephens, Pettis showed everyone that he was more than flashy kicks; he can also wrestle. He took Stephens down throughout the fight and busted up Lil Heathen's face with some solid strikes from the top.
Anthony Pettis wins via Split Decision
Fight Score: 7

Heavyweight Fight
Stipe Miocic (6-0) vs. Joey Beltran (13-5)
At times it was technical, at others it was sloppy, but this heavyweight fight was entertaining. Joey Beltran may never be a top contender, but he's an excellent gatekeeper and seems unable to be in a boring fight. Beltran likes his fights to be rough, brutal, and bloody. Once again, he delivered, but it was Miocic who looked to be a prospect to watch in the division.
Stipe Miocic wins via Unanimous Decision 
Fight Score: 7.5

Featherweight Fight
Tiequan Zhang (15-1) vs. Darren Elkins (12-2)
Zhang was looking for one thing in this fight: a guillotine to counter the takedown. The same script played out for all three round - Elkins shoots, Zhang grabs the necks and squeezes, Elkins escapes and controls the action from the top winning a lopsided decision.
Darren Elkins wins via Unanimous Decision
Fight Score: 5  

Middleweight Fight
Aaron Simpson (10-2) vs. Eric Schafer (12-5-2)
As often the case when two grapplers tangle in the cage, it become a boxing match. This was the case between Simpson and Schafer. On the feet, it wall Simpson. He dominated all three rounds with his boxing and footwork. Schafer looked for a left hook to set up a clinch attack, but it wasn't working on Simpson, who had his best performance to date in the UFC.
Aaron Simpson wins via Unanimous Decision
Fight Score: 6

Middleweight Fight
Steve Cantwell (7-4) vs. Mike Massenzio (12-5)
A good back and forth fight kicked off the card. Cantwell's striking won him the first round, but his conditioning failed him for the final two rounds. In rounds two and three, Massenzio's wrestling was the deciding factor.
Mike Massenzio wins via unanimous decision.
Fight Score: 6.5 

Total: 76.5 out of 110
Average Fight Score for UFC 136 - Edgar vs. Maynard III: 6.95

It only seems fitting that UFC 136 earned the same overall score as UFC 125.


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