Local Actor: "House Was So-So Tonight"

Pictured: Where the conversation was held!
LOS ANGELES - John Mayward, currently starring as befuddled cab driver Desmond Littlemen in The Samson Players' Playhouse production of "Which Way is Up?!!", was overheard saying that tonight's audience was a bit of a let-down.

"I wasn't feeling their energy," he explained at some point to every other cast member backstage. "You can only do so much, but it's like if they won't respond to my bits, then it's like why are they even coming to the show? They have a role in this too. I need something to work with. "

Mayward was quick to point out several possibilities for the lack of a general response from the audience: It was a Friday and maybe they took their work home with them; the theater was too warm; they aren't use to British sensibilities; or maybe one of the other actors in the show screwed up. 

The high point of the show for Mayward's character, who in haste to get home to his pregnant wife gets his fares mixed up, is when he enters the stage from a second floor bedroom to find ALL the other characters on stage, all having figured out that they were duped by by Littlemen somehow. Further complicating the plot is the fact that one of the fares is member of the local crime syndicate and... oh fuck it, these plots never make any sense. The point is, when Littlemen finally enters, the audience is supposed to explode in laughter. And tonight, they did not.

"I can only control what happens when I'm on stage," Littlemen continued at the post-show dinner with the non-married cast members at an all-night diner, "maybe the other scenes were off. I don't know. Did anyone else feel that way?"

Mayward went on to assure the increasingly annoyed cast members who just wanted to talk about other shit at that point that the show was still pretty good. He could tell at the curtain call that the audience was with him and that they were entertained. The evening concluded with Mayward hitting up the cast member who lived farthest away from him for a ride back home into the Valley because his car was in the shop. 


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