Waiter Confirms "There's No Rush"

IRVINE, CA - Anonymous sources were able to confirm reports from late last night that Jonathan Brown, 21, a waiter at Red Robin, did in fact tell his final customers of the evening that there was "no rush with this." Furthermore, he went on to make it clear to his customers that they should "take their time."

The restaurant was nearly empty with minutes left before the kitchen closed when Brown dropped the check off to Melanie Ellard, 32, and Jared Pincap, 36, both visiting from the greater Phoenix area on business. The couple explained that they were still picking away at their second order of fries. The pair was seen by witnesses as still sipping their beers as well.

Approximately seven minutes later, Brown returned and picked up the bill and started to walk back towards the kitchen. At that point, Pincap told Brown that he hadn't put his card in yet and hastily handed his American Express to Brown, who apologized and again explained "there's no rush."

When Brown returned within seconds with the bill paid in full, he inquired if there was any final thing he could get for them. Ellard mentioned the possibility of another round of drinks.

"I was hoping for at least another Stella," she said. "I've never been to the OC before and wanted to have a good time. This guy said that it was technically possible to open the bill and void the initial charge to Jared's credit card, but he would have to get the manager's approval. I guess the manger was busy closing up though for the night and didn't like to be bothered, but our waiter said he would try if we really wanted him to. I said no, forget it. He smiled and apologized and told us not to rush anything. He said he would get us some water if we wanted."

The diners declined the water offer and hastily finished their beer before leaving for the night. Pincap was later overheard saying in the parking lot: "I would have given the prick a better tip if he'd just fucking left us alone."

Since the incident, rumors have circulated all day that Brown may have "had a party to get to."


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