Ranking the Die Hard Franchise - From Best to Worst

In lieu of writing a review of A Good Day to Die Hard, the latest entry in  the Die Hard franchise, I figure I'll just rank them in order of Best to Worst. There really is no arguing with this order, by the way.

1. Die Hard

2. Die Hard with a Vengence

3. Live Free or Die Hard

4. Die Hard 2

5. Hudson Hawk

6. Death Becomes Her

7. Any movie starring The Rock

8. Season 6 of 24

9. The Last Boy Scout

10. An 8mm film I saw in film school that was seven minutes of a guy playing with a soccer ball. The director later explained it was about cancer.

11. Our American Cousin - The play Lincoln was watching when he got shot

12. Police Academy 6 

13. Rocky V

14. A Good Day to Die Hard

15. Armageddon


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