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View From The End of a Midnight Run - Pic of the Day

Probably could have played around for a better composition but I was tired from an impromptu run.

New Neighbor - Pic of the Day

This little bastard and a buddy of his woke me up this morning. So now, you go on the Internet forever, pal. 

Signs I'm not a Full-Fledged Adult - Scripted Memoir


Children rummage around the front yard in superhero costumes. The ADULTS (30s-40s) stand in a circle near a picnic table, all holding a beverage in their hand. Small talk ensues. Several conversations ongoing at once.


                              WELL-ADJUSTED FEMALE
                      Long Beach is way too expensive. It's
                      much better for us to live down here.

                      Than Huntington. No way.

                              WELL-ADJUSTED FEMALE
                      The best we found was a three-bedroom
                      with a parking area for nine-fifty.
                      That's insane.

She takes a drink. 

                      It had parking too?

She nods, still working on that drink. Bobby takes a drink. He turns away from her and addresses the camera. All the other characters are oblivious. Whe…

The Parking Structure - A Scripted Memoir


BOBBY (30s) walks to he vehicle after a date with an full on alcoholic, who may or may not have been high on cocaine. He passes by SHORT FAT LB BRO (20s) and LONG BEACH HOT MESS (20s). He holds her cell phone away from her while she pleads and cries.

                           S.F.L.B.B.                       What, you gonna call the                        fucking police again?

                      No, I promise. I'm sorry. 
                      Just stop.

SFLBB gets up in her face and corners her against a nearby car. Bobby stops and looks over, then takes a few steps in their direction. SFLBB notices.
                      What's your fucking problem, 

                      Why don't you just back off 
                      and give her the phone back.


Poem - In Residual Memoriam

This poem was first publish in "Avoid Ninja Stars" by Bank Heavy Press
In Residual Memoriam 
With the end of any old year comes the swarm of official and unofficial video montages of the scores of celebrities, movers, shakers, athletes (good and lousy), writers, actors, plenty of those damn actors, who decided to leave this realm of the living for one more obscure
I watched one online today and fifteen seconds in before the first black and white picture faded in a series of ads popped on the bottom of the frame anti-aging cream pills to fight memory loss and a veterinarian to the stars
“Do the agents still get the standard fifteen percent of this action?” I thought I’m not up to snuff on how the union handles this
Naturally not everyone who kicks it in a given year makes it to the final cut I suppose even in the end it boils down to who knows who and who represents who
Because a gig is a gig and no one is this town works for free never

Poem - A Friend I Used to Know

This poem was originally published in "Robo Book" by Bank-Heavy Press
A Friend I Used to Know
I saw a recent picture on the internet of a friend I haven’t seen in years at least ten years since we were in college on vacation with his family in Hawaii he was holding his baby daughter and smiling so was his girl it was the happiest I’d felt all day because at least someone I knew had made it and was going to be just fine.

Audiobook Update... Or Announcement, I suppose

I just finished recording and editing the raw audio for Chapter 4 of my novel, Dog Duty. The ultimate goal is to release the chapters as a weekly podcast to coincide with the release of the book, ebook, etc. 
I won't start to release the episodes until the whole novel has been recorded. Or at least not until I'm pretty damn far into the process. As of now, I'm just over ten percent in. Plus, I have to add music, record the intro and outro for each episode, maybe tweak the website here a bit. Point is we're a ways away from having the final product out for consumption. But, I suppose a little update never killed anyone.   
I'll keep track of the process here as much as possible. What I'm learning about writing, the process of recording your work, so on and so on.