Poem - In Residual Memoriam

This poem was first publish in "Avoid Ninja Stars" by Bank Heavy Press

In Residual Memoriam 

With the end of any old year
comes the swarm of official and
unofficial video montages of the
scores of celebrities, movers, shakers,
athletes (good and lousy), writers,
actors, plenty of those damn actors,
who decided to leave
this realm of the living
for one
more obscure

I watched one online today
and fifteen seconds in
before the first black and white
picture faded in
a series of ads popped
on the bottom of the frame
anti-aging cream
pills to fight memory loss
and a veterinarian to the stars

“Do the agents still get
the standard fifteen
of this action?” I thought
I’m not up to snuff
on how the union handles this

Naturally not everyone who kicks it
in a given year
makes it to the final cut
I suppose even in the end
it boils down to who knows
and who represents

Because a gig is a gig
and no one is this town
works for free


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