The Parking Structure - A Scripted Memoir


BOBBY (30s) walks to he vehicle after a date with an full on alcoholic, who may or may not have been high on cocaine. He passes by SHORT FAT LB BRO (20s) and LONG BEACH HOT MESS (20s). He holds her cell phone away from her while she pleads and cries.

                      What, you gonna call the 
                      fucking police again?

                      No, I promise. I'm sorry. 

                      Just stop.

SFLBB gets up in her face and corners her against a nearby car. Bobby stops and looks over, then takes a few steps in their direction. SFLBB notices.

                      What's your fucking problem, 


                      Why don't you just back off 

                      and give her the phone back.

                      What are you gonna fucking 


                      I don't know. I'll just stick 

                      around and see what happens.

Slight pause.

                         (to Bobby)
                      Oh, fuck you. Mind your own 

                      fucking business.

                      Whatever you say, lady. You two 

                      have a good night.

Bobby goes to his car. As he drives by the two, he slows down to see if everything is okay. The two now are embraced in a hug. L.B.H.M. gives Bobby the finger and mouths something along the lines of "Puck Moo." Bobby leaves the parking structure, deciding to get a Slurpee on the way home.


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