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Poem - Overheard at Taco Tuesday

As published in Doughnut Touch Me! by the fine folks at Bank-Heavy Press

Overheard at Taco Tuesday

Abba's Dancing Queen came on.
"Oh, my God, I haven't
heard this song since
the Christmas Party. So
long ago, I was so
wasted that night."
"Oh yeah. So
hammered. They let
you drink for free. It's like
the best
part of Christmas."

Stand Up Comedy Fan Confirms Overactive Bladder

SAN JOSE - Speaking exclusively to reporters following the 10pm show last Friday night at Rico's House of Chuckles!!!!, patron Clark Rabney, 43, confirmed earlier reports that he actually does suffer from a weak-as-all-hell bladder.
The trouble began during the emcee's opening. While introducing the first act to the stage, Rabney had to excuse himself from his front row seat to use the restroom. He returned without incident during the first set, right in the middle of some tired dating bit. Rabney's troubles didn't end there. Rabney got up from his seat during headliner Ricky Markum's set, immediately following the opening bit about how Markum's hometown is so different from San Jose. When Rabney returned, Markum, best know for a national insurance spot as a frazzled car buyer, pondered aloud if "this guy has the worst fucking bladder in the world?"
"I actually do have a condition," Rabney later said to a small group of reporters. "Right …

Moving Sale - Pic of the Day

Name your price!

Chinatown - Pic of the Day

One of my favorites. From a trip to New York. 

Jara Jones Interview: Ghost on A Stick in New York

Full disclosure: Jara Jones has been one of my best friends for over a decade. 
Fuller disclosure: Jara was one of my roommates during the time period that his one-man show roughly portrays. I also worked at the haunted attraction he depicts alongside him. 
Fullest disclosure: Having been around actors, writers, artists, etc. for most of my life, I tend to think I know some talented folks. Jara makes a strong case for being the most talented. 
Jara's aforementioned one-man show, Ghost on A Stick, which he wrote and is starring in, premieres next month in New York at he Gene Frankel Theatre as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. So, I interviewed him about it. 
BL: So, what is this show, and why in the hell should we see it?  JJ: This show is a solo horror-drama about my semi-autobiographical experiences while working on a haunted ship in my twenties. 

It's about a brutish man making fear for a living who stumbles into a deep abiding love for the first time, and what ha…