Stand Up Comedy Fan Confirms Overactive Bladder

SAN JOSE - Speaking exclusively to reporters following the 10pm show last Friday night at Rico's House of Chuckles!!!!, patron Clark Rabney, 43, confirmed earlier reports that he actually does suffer from a weak-as-all-hell bladder.

The trouble began during the emcee's opening. While introducing the first act to the stage, Rabney had to excuse himself from his front row seat to use the restroom. He returned without incident during the first set, right in the middle of some tired dating bit. Rabney's troubles didn't end there. Rabney got up from his seat during headliner Ricky Markum's set, immediately following the opening bit about how Markum's hometown is so different from San Jose. When Rabney returned, Markum, best know for a national insurance spot as a frazzled car buyer, pondered aloud if "this guy has the worst fucking bladder in the world?"

"I actually do have a condition," Rabney later said to a small group of reporters. "Right now it just appears to be an overactive bladder. So, unfortunately, I do have to get up and go a lot. I go to the doctor on Tuesday to get the results of my biopsy. I was just hoping a night of live comedy would take my mind off things."

NOTE: Rabney's contact info was accidentally left in my pants when I washed them, so don't expect a follow up to this story.


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