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Dog Duty #7: Chapter Nine - Everyone Thinks They're Something Sometimes

Episode Seven! Chapter Nine is live and waiting for you, yes YOU!

Fritz wakes up from his dream, but will his nightmare continue?

Music is courtesy of St. Heron.

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Dog Duty #6: Chapter Seven and Eight - The Hunt and This is Happening Right Now

Episode Six! Chapter Seven and Eight are up on tap today. 

First up is The Hunt, followed by This Is Happening Right Now. Both of these chapters were a lot of fun to record as I got to have some fun with the voices here. I hope you enjoy today's episode. 

Music, as always, is courtesy of St. Heron.

Dog Duty #5: Chapter Six - Be On The Lookout!

Chapter Six. Be On The Lookout! Fritz gets to know Nipper and Ernie and little bit more. 
As always, music is courtesy of St. Heron
If you have any questions for me about the book or the writing, send them to me at and I'll answer them on a future episode.

Thought of the Day - On Music From Days Gone By

"Music was better back when I was younger. Sorry, it's true." 

     - Every person who ever lived. Ever.


Dog Duty #4: Chapter Four and Five - Speaking in the Second Dog (in the room) and You Ever Read 'No Exit?'

Two chapters today! Chapter Four and Five. Speaking in the Second Dog (in the room) and You Ever Read 'No Exit'?, respectively. 
Fritz suddenly finds himself at a his new home. He encounters his new yard-mates and neighbors.
Music in this episode is courtesy of St. Heron.

Thought of the Day - On Song Lyrics

If a song has someone yelling "1-2-3-4" at least once in it, odds are very good that I will like that song.
A lot.