Book Store Creep - Scripted Memoir


BOBBY (mid 30s) wanders aimlessly between the mystery and fiction section of the bookstore with his hands in his pockets and ear buds in his ears. On the way to the fiction section he stops off at the small comic book/graphic novel section of the store.

BOOKSTORE CREEP (late 20s), a short, sort of chubby man with skin tags adorning his face, holds a Batman graphic novel sideways like one would a Playboy centerfold. He stands in a way that blocks the entire DC section of books.

Bobby stands to side and scans the titles, trying to decide if there's anything interesting to later buy from the comic store down the street from his house, because no self-respecting consumer buys them anywhere else. Plus, they give good deals.

Suddenly, Bobby sees Bookstore Creep staring at him and now his lips are moving. Bobby removes his left ear bud.


                          BOOKSTORE CREEP
                ... you notice how Batman never says
                I when talking about Bruce Wayne, he
                always says 'Bruce Wayne' because it's
                the secret identity-

                Oh. Okay.

Bobby starts to put his ear bud back in. Creep continues.

                          BOOKSTORE CREEP
                -he never says I. He just says Bruce
                Wayne. That's interesting-

Bobby puts the ear bud back and turns to the Marvel section.

                Uh-huh. Okay.

Bookstore Creep angles himself so that he still has eye contact with Bobby, who in turn, feels the stare of someone burning a hole into his right. Bobby now removes the right ear bud.

                Okay, what?

                          BOOKSTORE CREEP
                -so who really is the alter ego: 
                Batman, or Bruce Wayne?


Bobby puts the ear bud back in, turns up the volume, and makes his way to the "Fiction" section. While there, he sees FRIEND'S EX-GIRLFRIEND (20s) perusing the aisle he was headed to.

                    (mumbles to himself)
                Jesus Christ...

Bobby leaves the bookstore. 



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