Dog Duty - Meet the characters - Clay

As I get closer to releasing the Dog Duty eBook in just a few weeks, I thought now would be a great time to start introducing the characters in the story. Let's start with Clay. The Joker to Fritz' Batman.

Clay is the heavy. 
The villain. 
The antagonist. 

Clay is a Rottweiler. Ex-military. Not much is known of Clay's past or how he got hooked up with The Perp (the human heavy). Clay is best described as a dog with one-syllable efficiency. Bite. Maim. Kill. 

Clay has been known to pal around with his sidekick, Scamper, a Jack Russell Terrier. Scamper has the mouth that can pick a fight anywhere and Clay has the physical tools to finish any fight Scamper can pick. 

What we do know of Clay is that he's relatively new to Grand City and still trying to set up a full-blown canine criminal organization. Perhaps taking out an retired K-9 dog would do wonders for his criminal rep......

Dog Duty will be released as a full-length ebook in Summer 2014.

You can listen to the full audio book by clicking on any of the episodes you see off the side right over there.... yep, right under where it says "DOG DUTY EPISODES."


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