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Daredevil #131 Review - Bullseye Never Misses

As a general rule, when it comes to the writing in comic books that are pushing 40 years old, it rarely ages well. But that doesn't mean that they still aren't cool as hell. I love them. And when I had a chance to grab up this one for less than it was worth (plus another 25% off), I jumped at it. 
This issue is the first appearance of one of Daredevil's greatest villains, Bullseye. On the surface, Daredevil should be able to whoop that ass when it comes to Bullseye. Heightened senses versus a dude who can turn anything into a weapon with his deadly aim. That's a great skill to have if you're going against regular guys, though based on that tale of the tape, I put my money down on the guy with the ability to see it coming, but no, Bullseye is just that damn good and has stuck around to a premier pain in the ass for 'ol Hornhead for five decades.
The most interesting aspect of this issue is the back story into Bullseye. A crime beat writer at the Daily Bugle invite…

Dog Duty a Top 40... hit?!

Cue The Jefferson's theme song....

Dog Duty has broken into the Top 40 on amazon. Granted, in a sub-category of a sub category.... but STILL!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has already got their copy of the ebook!

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