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Gotham Review - Selina Kyle

Unless you have been completely and totally culturally brain dead for the last few decades (at least five-to-six), it's safe to say that you know a lot about how Gotham is going to end. 
Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.  Selina Kyle becomes Catwoman. Cobblepot becomes Penguin.  Edward Nygma becomes The Riddler.  Gothman turns into an even bigger dump.
The potentially fun thing about a show like Gotham is to see how this collection of well-known characters, who everyone knows, will become the characters we know today. It's not as fun, nor it is really all that interesting, if they're already there at the start of the prequel. And because we know the eventual ending, in theory, the writers and producers have a shit ton of leeway as to where they can take them. It's only been two episodes, but it seems like Gotham is not going to have much fun with its extended cast of characters. 
This particular episode felt long, and I'm not sure a whole lot really happened that matters. A cou…