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My Favorite (but really Best) Television Shows: 2000-Present

A lot has been written about the so-called Golden Age of Television, which unofficially began with The Sopranos in 1999, and unofficially seems to transitioning into a new-era with the ending of Mad Men. I think those two moments are excellent bookends to the commonly accepted Golden Age. 
Side Note: what's next? Something to do with shows being designed to be devoured in marathon doses, I suspect. The Marathon Age? Anyway, who knows?  
I got to thinking about Mad Men and where it stands among the all-time greats. And it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Golden Age or otherwise. So, then I wondered about the next, and the next after that, and came up with the following list. My only rule for the Top 10 and Honorable Mentions categories was that I needed to have seen every episode. 
If we're talking off-the-record, of course this is a "best of" list, but, while I've seen a lot of television, I haven't seen everything, so I'm comfortable with calling t…