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On Writing Accents, Slang, and Language

Generally speaking, I support rules when it comes to creating art. Although I'm not steadfast and unbreakable in that belief, I prefer to look at artistic rules as strongly suggested guides
Can every rule be broken? Of course it can. And of course, artists should try to stretch the boundaries within themselves and in their chosen medium of expression. But I also think that you shouldn't really try to break the rules until you know them and understand why they exist. 
Because when you don't do that, when you don't practice the rules and learn why they are the way they are, you don't come off like a maverick. It looks like amateur hour. 
You may think you're Orson Welles reinventing film right off the bat (and often forgetting that he spent years directing experimental theater, not to mention experimental radio, prior to directing Citizen Kane), but in reality, the work created is not worth the money you're asking people for.
I'm getting off-topic here.