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The Grifters by Jim Thompson - Everyone is Someone Else's Mark

For those expecting a plot-point-a-minute heist or caper tale, keep looking. 
The real con, and the art of the con, whether you're running the long or the short con, is getting those emotional hooks in your mark. Once they're in, you can run whatever scam you want on them and take them for every penny. That's the heart of The Grifters by Jim Thompson. Everyone is someone else's mark. There's a reason that a con is short for confidence. 
Roy Dillon is a master of the short-con, plying his trade in sunny, fractured, Los Angeles, while maintaining a well-manicured cover life as top-flight salesman. What better day job for a con artist, going door-to-door, sweetly convincing people to part with their money? 
For Roy, the worst that could happen running a short con is that you catch a thump in the stomach once in awhile. That's not so bad... unless it causes unchecked internal bleeding or something. But then, the truly worst thing that could happen to Roy does - his …