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Book Review - The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins

Too many people get lost along the way with a good crime novel is. Or even just a crime story in general. I think that's because there's an over abundance of police-procedural shows on television. And that's all most people get exposed to. Or maybe they pick up a John Grisham or (even worse, no offense) a James Patterson book, which are non-stop plot times infinity.

A good crime story, one with criminals leading the way, so rarely goes the way of the bing-bang-boom, plot-by-numbers plots that the police procedural shows do. And why would they? The cops need to get off their ass, follow those leads, interrogate the suspects, and solve the damn thing. The criminals just don't want to get caught, so they hustle, lay low, and lie. 
Unfortunately, for Eddie Coyle, he already was caught. An underworld gun-running lifer, Coyle got pinched running booze up in New Hampshire in a hot truck and faces sentencing for that case in a few weeks. Unless, of course, he gives up the goods…

Book Review Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson

So, imagine if you will, that Barney Fife is actually a psychopath. 
That's Pop. 1280 for you in a nutshell with Sheriff Nick Corey serving in a Fife-esque role as the top law man in Potts County - the 47th largest county in the state, mind you. Most assuredly we're talking about Texas here. Gotta be.
What strikes me the most about the novel is just how damn funny it is. Much of it is staged as if it were a British Farce with all it's closing doors as our protagonist runs from one room to the next as he tries to keep his simple life, well, simple, while the elements conspire against. Instead of running from the parlor to the kitchen to the garden and so on, Sheriff Corey bounces back and forth between the multiple women he's having affairs with, a wife of his own (along with her dopey brother), politicking to keep his job, making it appear that he's doing his job (which he's not -- he knows this, as does his constituency; a deal that benefits all parties, Corey r…