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Book Review - The Criminal by Jim Thompson

A fourteen year old girl is found raped murdered. 
The prime suspect is a fourteen year old boy held in custody. 
The potentially salacious story is buried a few pages into the local paper. Without much evidence to hold him, the boy appears to be on the verge of being let go. That is until the ominous newspaper publisher (who only appears on the other end of phone calls) wonders if the story can be drummed up a bit to be a front page item. After all, he's in the newspaper business. And the dominoes begin to fall....
Despite being originally published over sixty years ago, it’s tough to write about The Criminal by Jim Thompson without discussing how surprisingly relevant it is today. A quick little novella about the violent rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl and the teenage boy arrested for the crime. Told in alternating first-person narrative from everyone including the boy's mother and father, the newspaper editor, a beat reporter, attorney both of the prosecution and d…

Book Review - Cassidy's Girl by David Goodis

Jim Cassidy is a loser and a drunk.
His friends, who he likes most of the time, are losers and drunks.
His wife, Mildred, who he hates (the feeling is most-assuredly mutual), is too a loser. She's also a drunk. It would be a shame for Cassidy if she was his girl.
Cassidy spends his nights surrounded by losers at the local loser bar after his dead-end, loser job as a bus driver. It hadn't always been this way for Cassidy. It wasn't always a one-way ticket to nowhere alongside the local drunks at the watering hole hovering above the Philadelphia docks.
It wasn't too long ago when Cassidy had it all. A former football hero turned World War II ace fighter pilot who settled into a great post war career as a commercial airline pilot. But then, as it goes in these tales (and pick you pun wherever you'd like coming up), Cassidy's world came down in a heap of flames, taking the rap for a plane crash that left a lot of people dead. The co-pilot suggested that Cassidy was fly…