Poem - Cherry, Cherry, Plum, and a Cigarette by Bobby D. Lux

The old Vietnamese man
approached me while
I clung to life at the nickel slots
waiting for that free drink
at The Frontier.

I was down
because of course 
I was. No one drops 
nickels when they have
the golden touch.

"You want to know the secrets
to winning?" he says.

I looked at his green mesh
San Diego Chargers hat
adorned with a playful rainbow 
of sweat stains.

But first, there was business 
to be addressed. I shrugged
and did not have a cigarette
to bargain with so he
called the whole thing off.

I'm still waiting for those
secrets, but if he truly knew
them, he'd at least have had 
full set of teeth
and then some.

Back at the cash machine
I looked over my shoulder just
to catch security escorting him 
back out onto the strip.

I wondered if that was one
of those moments
where Jesus appears to you
in disguise 
to see
if you're a good person
or not.   


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