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Book Review - Wild Town by Jim Thompson

Wild Town is perhaps not top shelf Thompson, but fans of his will still find plenty to get drunk off of here in this much tamer-than-usual whodunit tale of murder and extortion set in and around The Hanlon hotel in a west Texas oil boom town.
Bugs McKenna, ex-cop and ex-con all rolled into one lug, is fresh out of jail and is given a hand-plucked opportunity to be the house dick at the Hanlon (that's house detective, you pervs... think a hands on type security guard). Things seem to be on the up and up for 'ol slow-witted, but not stupid, Mckenna... until a little bit of murder and a missing five thousand dollars threatens to unravel McKenna's relatively calm and quiet fresh start. 
Then, for good measure, mix in with a cast of a few femme-fatales, an eccentric wheelchair bound millionaire (is there any other kind?), a near virginal school teacher, a roster of roustabouts in the hotel's employ, and, not least of which, a county sheriff who just so happens to be Lou Ford,…

Poem - Why did the ducks cross the road? To end the world, of course

A mother duck led her six hatchlings in tow across eight lanes of traffic and were almost there to the other side with the help of a woman in a Subaru who stopped the southbound traffic to allow them to get on with their way.
The rich fella in the rich fella car flailed his arms and barked like a maniac because after all they were just fucking ducks.
They passed and everyone went on their way, including the rich fella in his rich fella car.
The crossing of the ducks made him late for the corporate meeting with representatives from the Chinese government after they acquiesced 
to have the video conference on western time.
Offended by the rich fella’s tardiness, they walked out or, pardon me, logged off of the meeting and pulled out of the deal at the last minute
because you don't
mess with China.
The rich fella’s company stock plummeted as news of failed deal  went viral. The plummeting stock  prices set off a chain reaction  and the markets panicked.
Within mere days of the duck crossing,