Poem - Why did the ducks cross the road? To end the world, of course

A mother duck led her six hatchlings in tow
across eight lanes of traffic and were almost
there to the other side
with the help of a woman in a Subaru
who stopped
the southbound traffic to
allow them to get on with their way.

The rich fella in the rich fella car
flailed his arms and barked
like a maniac
because after all
they were just fucking ducks.

They passed
and everyone went on their way,
including the rich fella
in his rich fella car.

The crossing of the ducks made him late
for the corporate meeting
with representatives from the Chinese
after they acquiesced 
to have the video conference
on western time.

Offended by the rich fella’s tardiness,
they walked out
or, pardon me, logged off
of the meeting and pulled out
of the deal at the last minute
because you don't
mess with China.

The rich fella’s company stock
plummeted as news of failed deal 
went viral. The plummeting stock 
prices set off a chain reaction 
and the markets panicked.

Within mere days of the duck crossing, 
rich fellas across the world
were penniless and the non-rich fellas
had even less. As the governments collapsed
the infrastructure soon followed in line.

Filthy food and water unleashed
a rabies like virus upon the global populace.
Humans consumed everything
in their wake, but mainly they consumed
other humans.

Some people will use the word zombies,
but those people are stupid.

And to some genetic stroke of luck,
only the duck was immune
to the virus
and was the lone species left
to rule the planet 
after the humans ate
including themselves,
because the universe is known to reward
that kind of bravery.

And to think I can someday tell my kids
that I was there to see the whole thing.  


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