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Green Lantern 84 Comic Book Review - "Peril in Plastic"

Green Lantern 84. From July 1971. At this point, Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams are just over a year into their character defining run (for both Greens) on Green Lantern and only one issue away from one of the defining books of the bronze age of comics. I picked up this book up on the cheap and it's a hell of an issue.   
Right away, I love this cover. In particular how the photograph is woven into the artwork. It doesn't feel gimmicky like other covers where the cover art is thrown on top of a full-page background photograph. It's not overdone here and the picture is part of the overall artwork and makes the cover that much more dynamic.
"People are like cattle. Give them just enough comfort to satisfy them, and anything that threatens them or they think threatens them... they attack!"

Strong words from this issue's sonofabitch villain, Black Hand, as he delivers his villain's lecture to a tied up and ring-less Green Lantern deep in the bowels of Piper'…

2016 California Primary - Zartan or Destro

In good conscious I just can't support #ImwithDestro. Look, Zartan has been a registered Drednok until this election, and I get it... he's not the party insider that Destro is, but Zartan has been aligned with COBRA when it counts. Always. After a great run by Cobra Commander, I just think you have to vote your heart and that Zartan is the best choice.
The criticism of Destro having the same mindset of a GI Joe is something that should give you pause. Plus, with him, you get the baggage of The Baroness alongside him, and we all know what that means.
We all wish that Serpentor or Storm-Shadow would run, but when it comes down to it, those Cobra Troopers didn't die so that we can hold our nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. Always vote most evil, even if it means you don't win in the long run.