Another 2016 Election Post -- AKA Oh God Please Let it Stop

My one (hopefully) post on all this political BS.

Look, let's be honest, Bernie would be a one-term, ineffective President. And the course correct from the right following a one-term, so-called "socialist" presidency would be frightening. Carter led to Reagan (who got mini assist from 'ol Teddy Kennedy, but anyway, I'm trying to be fair here). Who or what would Sanders lead to? Probably the evil robot from Robocop.

And look, I like the guy. He earned my vote. I think his heart is in the right place and I think he's as honest as you can get from someone who wins elections for a living. But do I think that expecting some sort of liberal revolution to be followed by lefty paradise to come from a guy who went to, and has stayed in, congress a year before Nirvana's Nevermind came out? If I may speak Internet for a second here: GTFO.

My prediction -- Here's what history will show the lasting legacy of the Sanders campaign to be: he's changed the face of the national candidates who the dems will offer for a long-time. Just as how Cheetos-fingers has on the right. And there's no going back from this. It almost happened with Dean in '04, but we're in outsider territory now and we're going to be here for a generation, I wager. In any other election, Sanders would be standing on the stage closer to the wings than even Kucinich did. Instead, that guy, the lefty at the far end of the stage, almost beat a Clinton machine that was running unopposed a year ago. The message was sent.

On the other side, Mr. Punchable is like in the horror movie when you think the main villain is dead and then they jump out of nowhere for one last scare before going away. The post-Dubya standard operating procedure for the right is gone as well.

The lesson of 2016 is one that's been brewing since elections became television entertainment (looking at you, JFK): it's a cult of personality. Issues largely don't matter. We've all kind of pretended they have, but they don't. Character does. And not character in the integrity sense. I mean character in the Tony Soprano sense: someone who is compelling to watch on TV and makes people want to tune in next week and elicits feelings.

When Hillary barely wins -- and she will, because as "liberal" as the media is presented to be, the 24/7 media is all about that paper, the dollar bills, y'all, and nothing delivers ratings better than race to the finish. BONUS: if Orange Paint Face starts to pull ahead, you watch how quickly Gary Johnson gets in at least one debate.

What I'm curious about is who comes next? Who's the Dems version of Trump? George Clooney (kind of serious)? And who's the Repubs better version of Trump? Bruce Willis (not as serious.... but still)?


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