Poem - The First Shots Fired in The Great Culture War of ’91

The First Shots Fired in The Great Culture War of ’91 – 7.11.16
I first got really involved in political activism 
when I was thirteen. It was a Friday night,
or it could have been a Saturday evening.
My friend and I rode our bikes downtown
to the theater across the street
from the beach
for an eight o’clock show.

There were around a dozen people,
mainly women and children, at the bottom
of the escalator protesting the screening
of an NC-17 film.
That wasn’t the one we
were going to see,
but we changed our cinematic plans and
decided to sneak into it.
They had signs with stupid slogans
and they just stood in the way of progress and
of getting to the theater.
We walked through them and as we began
our ascent up the escalator I realized that this
was one of those moments where history
thrusts itself upon you and one must
decide if they will duck under it
or ride the wave of the moment.
Heroes are made in these times.
Halfway up, I could no longer keep my thoughts within
and enlisted myself among the ranks
of the freedom fighters.
I yelled out “Porn rules” as loud as I could
and flipped off the protesters.
We ran up the escalator and into the theater.
We failed to sneak in thanks to
the fascist checking IDs at the theater door.
Years later I saw the movie in an experimental film class in college.
It was awful.


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