My Book, Dog Duty, Is Free... For A Few Days At Least

What am I? Crazy? Giving away one of my babies like that?

The rumors are true. Dog Duty, my first novel, is free from today (that's 6.13.17) through this Saturday (6.17.17) on Amazon.

You can, and SHOULD, get it by clicking here.

What's the book about? Great question.

A Canine Noir revenge story! 

When a late-night foot pursuit through dark back alleys goes terribly wrong in the jaws of an ex-military Rottweiler, Fritz, Grand City PD's top German Shepherd is driven into retirement to a place far worse than the crime-infested streets he patrolled: the suburbs! 

 Surrounded by suburbanite hounds and derelict mutts of all shapes and breeds, Fritz narrates his quest for revenge and redemption that takes him into the fringes of the seedy canine underworld of cat-races, underground clubs, back alleys, and dog parks.

Sounds cool, right? 

Just wait until you see the cover:

They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but I think you can make an exception here.

Okay, that's enough salesmanship from me for one day.


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