REVIEW - Whoa, Unbreakable Still Holds Up Really Well

Superhero movies from the early 2000s don't really hold up all that well. My opinion of course. Relax! It's nothing personal.

For some reason, I find that people get more upset than they should when you say superhero movies aren't that great. Even if said person (me) has multiple superheroes tattooed on them! I'm a fan!

And really, let's be honest here, the genre has been filled with more misses than hits, though the pendulum is starting to swing rapidly toward the opposite (get it together, DC). That's how film genres work though. They start clunky, and grow and improve over time.

All that said, last night I fired up my two-disk special edition Unbreakable DVD into the 'ol Xbox. Two things first:

1. Do we fire up DVDs?
2. Really? No Blu-ray?

You can make an argument that Unbreakable was the first film to take a serious look at a superhero story while much of the genre as we know it today was still in its relative infancy. Maybe the movie going audience wasn't ready to start taking comic book films seriously? After all, we weren't too far removed from the Schumacher Batman steaming piles of hellfire and around the same time X-Men was making Hugh Jackman a movie star.

But Unbreakable? The movie still stands on its own. The story, the characters, the acting... everything works. Some of the camera work from M. Night Shyamalan has some heavy-handed Hitchcockian influence that doesn't age as well, but that starts to veer into the super nit-picky.

It's really too bad that we had to wait almost twenty years to see the next chapters in this world, but hey, I'll take what I can get!


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