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REVIEW - The Golden Gizmo by Jim Thompson - Three Stars

The Golden Gizmo is a weird one even for Jim Thompson. That said, it's still a fun read.
A lot gets packed into this quick novel. Similar to Nothing More Than Murder, much of the success of The Golden Gizmo depends on how much you know of a particular industry. In this case, it's the borderline legal gold trade in post World War II Los Angeles.
Toddy Kent is a door-to-door gold buyer, by way of being wanted in half of the country. With the exception of a violent, fall down drunk, alcoholic wife, life isn't too bad for Kent.
Until one day on his rounds when he knocks on the wrong door. A chinless man with a talking doberman (don't ask) answers and soon thereafter, Kent finds himself wrapped up in a messy sea of double crosses and betrayals. A murder gets thrown in for fun, some two-bit gangsters keep coming around, there's seedy Tijuana bar, a Nazi conspiracy, federal agents, and did I mention a killer talking dog?
The highlight of the novel is a chase scene that ta…