Hello there! (Jeez, stop yelling, am I right? I'm not even this friendly in person).

I have one novel under my belt. Dog Duty. It's a canine noir crime novel. There's a genre for you! You can get it here on Amazon.

I graduated from USC from their Masters of Professional Writing program. But, alas, the program his since been shut down. And yet, I'm still paying those student loans -- did I mention that I have a book for sale?

Anyway, my fiction and non-fiction have appeared in various print and online publications. 

For what it's worth, I call the sunny confines of southern California my home. And have for my entire life.

I'm pretty easy to contact.

email: bobbydlux@hotmail.com - Hotmail. I know. Whatever. I have a gmail, but anything cool with my name was already taken. Lesson learned.

Twitter - twitter.com/BobbyDLux 

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