I've been known to toss some poisoned ink on the page designed to tickle the funny bone. What follows is a collection of some of those pieces.

Fake News
Ray Lewis Excited About 2nd Career as Super Criminal

Ben Affleck Outraged by Choice for Local Employee of the Month

Student Loses "Time is Money" Argument With Local Bully 

Man Can't Believe How Many Hot Women in Hot Yoga Class

Man Announces He Can "Totally Take" Ex's New Boyfriend

Waiter Confirms "There's No Rush"

Local Actor: House Was "So So" Tonight 

One Man's Fight Against the Facebook Virus

Los Angelinos Upset Over Lack of Hurricane Sandy Coverage

Skinnie Magazine
The Top Presidential Vices of All-Time - From Sept. 2007

Slocomb Jones - The Interview - From March 2007

RIP Captain America by George W. Bush - From April 2007
Superman Returns as reviewed by Batman

The Coreys - Every episode of the comic strip.

Adventures in Time Travel 

Tonto and Friends
Not Just Huckabee - Other Subliminal Messages in Presidential Politics

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