Dog Duty

"I’m a cop and I’m a dog and there’s no ‘used to be’ anywhere in that sentence.”

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Dog Duty is the debut novel from Bobby D. Lux. It tells the tale (or "tail"?) of Fritz, a German Shepherd who was once the top dog of the Grand City Police Department . . . literally. There's police dogs and then there's Fritz. A true dog's dog.  A dog neither afraid nor jaded by the streets he patrols and the criminals he chases. 

But in a moment, everything can change. On another routine late-night foot pursuit, Fritz is confronted by Clay, an ex-military Rottweiler "custom built with one-syllable efficiency. Bite. Maim. Kill." 

Fritz' injuries force him into retirement to live a life of backyard boredom surrounded by suburbanite hounds of all shapes and sizes. But that won't do for a dog like Fritz. 
Fritz embarks on a quest for revenge and redemption in this adventure that takes him through the seedy canine underworld of cat-races, underground clubs, back alleys, and dog parks. Along the way, he encounters criminals of all breeds, derelict mutts, beauty queens, and a hotshot young K9 hungry for publicity. 

And the end of that road is where Fritz will find Clay. That's where revenge is. 

To further sell you, here's some very nice things people have said about me over the years: 

"...excellent of humor; a talented young writer, eager to make a place for himself in the literary world."
- Shelly Berman, comedian/actor/author

"His stories were uniquely his own, knowing and funny, sometimes in a deadpan manner."

- Aram Saroyan, poet/author

The novel is being released as a free weekly serialized audio book podcast. You can subscribe to it on itunes or find it here on my website.

Or, Check out every episode below!


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