Mustache Petes

Mobsters, Murder, Mayhem, Super-Villains, Ape Magicians!

Meet brothers Vinnie and Ernie Morelli. 

A pair of low level mafia goons trying to navigate their way through the ranks of organized crime. In this collection of nine short stories, the Morelli brothers find themselves in an inventive series of locales, circumstances, and misadventures. 

Stories include:

An Occurrence at Tommy's Place off 5th Street - A shocking turn of events on a routine hit places Ernie on the path to the highest office in the land...or does it?

The Exciting Life and Death of The Amazing Henry - Johnny Morelli brings his wife and two boys along for the ride to take care of a local magician in the bang-bang sense, but does this ape have one last trick up his sleeve?

The Importance of Being Ernesto - The Morellis are just supposed to intimidate a witness who saw too much. Instead, they find themselves auditioning for the local community theater, which gives Ernie a hell of an idea...

The Graveyard Shift at St. Pete's Heavenly Lanes - The instructions were simple: meet the boss, Paulie, at the bowling alley. As long as it takes. Just wait. And wait. And wait. Meanwhile, why not kill some time with a friendly game with a couple of locals?

Mustache Petes is available now on Amazon HERE.


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